Let the debate begin!

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What does the academic library of the future look like? Where do its walls begin and end? On campus? On our desktop? At home? Does it still have a function as a separate and distinct space? Or has it become the first step to an all-virtual future?

Libraries have never been more interesting, difficult and challenging… So says Lynne Brindley, CEO of the British Library: ‘What is a library and what should it be in 2012, 2020 and beyond are questions that require thought and debate.’

Plans are now in place for this debate which kicks off next week at the JISC conference. Sessions at the conference will explore this theme and hopefully some of the questions above. A Guardian supplement the following week will take them up too and hopefully, before long, we’ll all be giving them thought and debate…

‘I’m delighted that JISC is up for the task,’ says Lynne Brindley, about JISC’s new campaign theme. We hope others are too!

Let the debate begin…

5 thoughts on “Let the debate begin!

  1. Roddy MacLeod


    Keeping in mind that because people will comes across this blog from various sources, the way this blog is currently presented, it looks as if its the blog itself which is the forum for discussion, rather than this being a blog for the http://www.jisc.ac.uk/librariesofthefuture initiative.

  2. Tom Roper

    Just found this via the Guardian supplement. Fascinating stuff, but where’s the debate about the library of the future in further education, also part of JISC’s remit? This is very HE-biased.

  3. simonfj

    This is a nice approach = a campaign.

    I’m a little disappointed though. A lot of the change has to do with how you might grow this JISC centric community to include its equivalents in other countries. I found this campaign promoted off Richard’s blog. http://blogs.talis.com/panlibus/archives/2008/04/libraries-are-the-future.php

    So the one thing i went searching for is a forum = a place where a debate/discussion might be staged. Check out the forum off talis’s front page. http://www.talis.com/

    I think you’d find if you were to put one up, you might help librarians overcome the repository/data centric model. http://forum.dcc.ac.uk/viewtopic.php?t=235

    That is the point isn’t it? I thought Angela Beesley would have touched on it, especially now wikimedians are beginning to try and get the peer review of articles happening.

  4. Philip Pothen

    Good point. It’s certainly something we’re looking at, but any suggestions would be gratefully received…

  5. Philip Pothen

    Thanks Simon, we’re setting up a group on Ning which will provide the forum for debate which the blog isn’t really designed to do. Further information will be available on this site very soon…

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