JISC conference – summary and close, Dr Malcolm Read

Dr Malcolm Read, executive secretary, JISC

In his opening talk this morning, Sir Ron Cooke mentioned some political challenges we’re likely to face in a few years time.   Our main activity is and remains the funding of services and the growing amount of work JISC collections does.   During the coming year we’ll be concentrating on the advisory services and getting greater integration, to enable us to offer advice in the use of IT across education and research, whatever that area of advice may be.  That will be a particular focus.

An area that’s moving fast from research into development is repositories.  Institutions are increasingly building their own, as part of the open access movement, but we are also interested in them as places for storing research data.  An awful lot of data isn’t in the open domain or even preserved; I’m thinking of lab-based research done by small teams and individuals.  Repositories will be a growing place to store learning resources, and we’re hoping to work in that area in the coming year.  We feel that if we’re to achieve the vision of an open layer of scholarly academic resources, then we have to find ways of getting repositories linked up and working together.  We’ll be looking to build a virtual national repository.  Other main areas of activity will be more shared services, and green computing.

Next year’s conference is in Edinburgh on Tuesday 24 March at the EICC.  I hope you’ll all be able to come along to that.  we are holding a joint conference with CNI in Belfast on 10-11 July, to which again everyone is invited.

Finally, it’s my pleasure to thank all the speakers, the organisers, and all of you for attending.