Podcast highlights challenges of integrating library systems

Rachel Bruce of JISC and Anne Bell of SCONUL feature on a new podcast on the Panlibus site, talking about the recently published Library Management Systems report, commissioned by JISC and SCONUL.  

The report, published last month, recommended that libraries should look for increased value from their library management systems (LMS), ensure that they are integrated with other institutional systems and that they should look to break down barriers between library users and resources. 

For Rachel Bruce, one of the messages from the report is that the library management system ‘needs to be more flexible, it needs to integrate with other core library systems…’ For Anne Bell, the report provides ‘expert consideration which the community can determine how to take things forward.’ She goes on to ask: ‘If we were starting from scratch, where would we start from?’ The problem of legacy systems was a difficult one, she said, but the report was beginning a dialogue between librarians, vendors and national bodies such as SCONUL and JISC about the possible ways forward. 

Both talk about an event to be held on the 27th June where the report and the issues it identifies will be addressed. For further information, please go to: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2008/06/lmsworkshop.aspx  

For the podcast, please go to: http://blogs.talis.com/panlibus/archives/2008/05/jisc-sconul-talk-with-talis-about-library-management-system-study.php  

For the LMS report and a JISC/SCONUL briefing paper on the subject, please go to: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/publications/publications/librarymanagementbp