The Strategic Content Alliance and Libraries of the Future

The Strategic Content Alliance

The work of the JISC lead Strategic Content Alliance is of great relevance to the library of the future and I though it would be useful just to highlight their activity. With an ambitious mission form day one the programme which began in 2006 and is now core to JISC content activity and central to JISC strategic aims. In a knowledge society – where unprecedented opportunities for creativity, ingenuity and innovation are stimulated and enabled by the Internet generally and the provision of e-content specifically. Much of this e-content stems from UK publicly funded resources developed over the last ten years or so in a fragmented and piecemeal approach. If the UK public sector is to be able to maximise its financial and intellectual investment in e-content, a much more systemic view of pooling and coordinating our investments and resources must be taken, particularly at a time of economic downturn. The Strategic Content Alliance is a unique collaboration between seven organisations, (BBC, Museum Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), British Library, NHS National Library for Health and Becta) all different, but all deeply involved in the creation, management and exploitation of e-content for public benefit. Over the past two years the Strategic Content Alliance has undertaken an ambitious programme to explore and develop techniques in support of its Mission Statement.

Strategic Content Alliance Mission
“For this country to realize the full potential of the Web, and for each citizen to realize their own potential – in the workplace, in their places of learning, and in the home – the full range of online content needs to be made available to all, quickly, easily and in a form appropriate to individuals’ needs.”

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