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Information Literacy “Sans Frontieres”

Information Literacy “Sans Frontieres” We asked Peter Godwin to write about information literacy (IL) a topic that will be discussed at the Libraries of the future Bodleian debate on April 2nd 2009 LOFT09. Peter highlights that ‘The disaggregation of information or the content being out of the container challenges us to make sense of what … Read more

JISC’s Libraries of the Future Guardian supplement

A Guardian supplement published yesterday explores the achievements of academic libraries in the UK, assesses current challenges and looks forward to the future. Sponsored by JISC and published free with yesterday’s Education Guardian, the supplement begins with some of the questions raised by the recently published Google Generation report, commissioned by JISC and the British … Read more

Challenges for the digital librarian

In an increasingly complex, ICT-intensive world, digital libraries face multiple challenges, but perhaps the greatest is to achieve a recognised and indeed indispensable presence within the workflow of their user communities. With the increased emphasis on Web 2.0 technologies, digital library developers will need to be agile to ensure that they demonstrate both ease of … Read more