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Video from the Oxford debate is now on the website

Videos of the presentations at the recent Libraries of the Future debate held in Oxford last week are now live on the JISC libraries of the future web site <>. This event has generated tremendous feedback and discussion and I hope that this continues. Other activities are planned to support the debate and I would … Read more

Libraries of the Future – session 2

Perspective: commercial sector – Santiago de la Mora (Google) Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.  It sounds grandiose, but that is the underlying theme of our products.  We started with the internet because the content was already online. The big challenge is bringing offline content online … Read more

Libraries of the Future – session 1

After a ten-minute delay, Vincent Gillespie welcomed the fashionably late delegates to the afternoon’s conference, What is the library of the future?  Not only are there attendees present at the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre in Oxford, but also in Second Life; and coverage of the day is available via this blog and Twitter. He handed … Read more

Information Literacy “Sans Frontieres”

Information Literacy “Sans Frontieres” We asked Peter Godwin to write about information literacy (IL) a topic that will be discussed at the Libraries of the future Bodleian debate on April 2nd 2009 LOFT09. Peter highlights that ‘The disaggregation of information or the content being out of the container challenges us to make sense of what … Read more